Silvertone 604 ‘Sixties’ Reissue Parlor Acoustic

The Roots of Rock...Unplugged

Hailing back to the year 1961, the Silvertone 604 was a student guitar for an entire generation. But, times change, and we liked the 604 so much that we ‘upped the ante’ so to speak, and took the 604 from a student level guitar to a serious player’s instrument. We changed the old ‘hard wood’ body to a solid Engelmann Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, and opted for real Rosewood vs. an ‘Ebonized’ fingerboard. The small Parlor size body makes it the perfect travel guitar, and yes, there is a version (the 604E) with onboard electronics.

  1. 604 AVS
    Sold out
    Silvertone Guitars
    604 AVS $299.00
  2. Silvertone Guitars
    604E AVS $449.00