Silvertone 633 ‘Sixties’ Reissue Jumbo Acoustic

Legendary Riffs

The 633 ‘Sovereign’ made its stamp on rock n roll history via greats such as Pete Townsend and Jimmy Page. We modeled the reissue from our in house 1964 Sovereign. The 633 is the ‘Big Daddy’ jumbo of the Silvertone acoustic family and is certain to be appreciated for its loud volume and deep tone just the same way it was back then. Like the 600 model, the 633 features a solid Engelmann Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides for a well-balanced and articulate sound.The old ‘steel reinforced’ neck has been replaced with a modern two-way adjustable truss rod and a C-shape neck profile. The 633E version has a built in Fishman® Clearwave60 preamp with built in tuner.

  1. 633EB N
    Sold out
    Silvertone Guitars
    633EB N $499.00
  2. Silvertone Guitars
    633E AVS $479.00
  3. 633EB AVS
    Sold out
    Silvertone Guitars
    633EB AVS $499.00
  4. Silvertone Guitars
    633 AVS $329.00