The Early Years

Silvertone was the “musical” brand for the Sears, Roebuck & Company, beginning nearly a century ago. The big boom was ukuleles in the ’teens and twenties. The first Silvertone product was a hand-cranked phonograph introduced in 1915.

The Fabulous 50's

This is the decade where Silvertone electric guitars began to hit their stride. The first solid bodies appeared in 1954 and their immediate success was followed up with additional models. More than 25 solid, hollow, and hybrid guitars were introduced, many of them Silvertone classics.

The Golden 60's

The 1960s were the Golden Age for guitars in America. The folk music boom was followed closely by the British Invasion and the demand for guitars skyrocketed as young people by the millions started making their own music. The Silvertone Amp-In-Case model 1457 was the entry point for thousands of them.